When it comes to wearing jewelry, more is definitely more. While we’re big fans of piling it on, we’re also big fans of doing it right. Master the look with this comprehensive guide to layering your jewelry like a pro.

How to wear multiple rings

Everyone from Beyoncé to Gwen Stefani has proven that it’s possible to wear multiple rings at once and look like a superstar. Of course, it helps to actually be a star with access to a personal stylist, but the selection of rings at Fashionest makes it easy to get creative. Play with shapes: slip a Fashionest Label Golden Knot Ring on one finger, and try the brand’s Cubic Ring on another as a study in modern, geometric style. Or mix your metals by pairing a classic yellow gold with a gleaming sterling silver. There’s some rocker-chic influence here, and it’s hard not to be swayed by the gritty looks seen on some of our favorite celebrities. Try adding a delicate midi ring to the mix of classic ones to keep eyes moving around your hand like a work of art. Accent a night-out outfit with a few different rings for an eclectic twist.

Fashionest Label Golden Knot Ring Fashionest Label Cubic Ring

How to stack necklaces

It may once have been taboo to wear too many necklaces at once, but nowadays it’s practically law. That doesn’t mean recklessly piling on the chains, though; there’s a method to this madness. Stick with lithe, delicate necklaces that are easy to show off all at once. Start with the Fashionest Crescent Pendant Necklace, a long piece with a thin chain and a simple, discreet moon charm. Follow with similarly slim chains in different lengths, allowing the details on each to stand out. Diamond accents add a pretty sparkle, and shorter plain chains are the perfect finishing touch. Worn right, the effect is similar to a single, layered piece like this Nakamol Amaris Tassel Necklace. It’s decidedly trickier to layer statement necklaces, which tend to look a bit sloppy—but you can usually rock a bold necklace with a tamer one for a fresh, balanced look.

   Fashionest Label Gold Sphere Necklace

How to layer bracelets

Maybe the easiest type of jewelry to layer, bracelets offer quite a bit of stacking potential. It’s fun to play with size, texture, and color to achieve a unique look. This edgy Chan Luu Pyrite Single Wrap Bracelet looks right at home with a thick stack of sinewy gold bangles—or even silver, if you’re feeling adventurous enough to mix metals. If you’re wearing something bold and colorful like this Fornash Blake Bracelet, balance it with a simple metallic bracelet, like the Fashionest Label Dual Button Cuff. Don’t be afraid to cross the conventional boundaries. Wide cuffs and multiple bangles look amazing with an edgy ensemble, while more slender bracelets worn together complement casual and corporate looks perfectly.

House of Harlow Aztec and Pave BanglesChan Luu Pyrite Single Wrap BraceletFornash Blake Bracelet Navy Blue

Don’t be afraid to experiment. That’s the whole idea behind layering jewelry. You’re using existing concepts to create an entirely new one—and there can be no better way to express your style!

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